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0:47-- Guest_2022: The word, cellar door is said to have the highest level of euphony in English language. It's said to be the most idyllic phrase when spoken in the British accent. The study of euphony is known as Phonaesthetics.Euphony the word itself sounds so melodic because of the consonant 'ph.' It is derived from the Greek word 'euphonos' which literally means sweet-voiced or pleasant sound. In literary terms when mixed with alliteration, assonance, and rhythm, it creates a musical effect on words which in turn sound harmonious to the ears. This literary device is most commonly used in poetry as well as literary prose and is based on the usage and manipulation of phonetics.The most effective way of using this literary device is while one has to read the words aloud as a speech for the crowd or simply recite a prose or poetry with the aim of visualizing the words in the mind. Especially while conjuring a romantic scene with the words: "The soft whispering of song birds serenaded them under the moonlit night in the mossy garden.", don't these words just put you in a trance and mesmerize you to imagine the sequence while at the same time produce a calm as if you yourself are relishing the moment. Such is the power of euphony.Euphony: The tendency of making phonetic changes in words to create an ease of pronunciation and produce a harmonious combination of words that sound pleasing to the ears.◆ Long vowels are used since they are more melodious than consonants. ◆ Involves the usage of harmonious consonants such as l, m, n, r and softer f and v sounds. ◆ Involves the usage of soft consonants or semi-vowels such as w, s, y and th or wh widely to create more pleasing sounds.The long vowels produce more mellifluous effects than short vowels and consonants, making the pronunciation more proportionate and consoling. The pronunciation and diction become more concordant and comfortable. Occasionally a single word can be euphonic on its own, but mostly it pertains to a line or passage from a work of poetry or prose that produces an overall sensation of sweetness. Although the primary purpose of euphony is to enhance the sounds made within words, the meaning of those words is also significant to make the entire passage a delighting readable experience.Hear the sledges with the bells - Silver bells! What a world of merriment their melody foretells! How they tinkle, tinkle, tinkle, In the icy air of night! While the stars that oversprinkle All the heavens seem to twinkle With a crystalline delight; Keeping time, time, time, In a sort of Runic rhyme, To the tintinnabulation that so musically wells From the bells, bells, bells, bells, Bells, bells, bells - From the jingling and the tinkling of the bells.Edgar Allan Poe is said to have extensively used euphony in his poetry works. In this particular poem, he associates the silver sledge bells with gaiety and excitement. One can imagine the tinkling of bells on a cold silvery winter night especially during Christmas tha
1:20-- Guest_9381: Summertime is anticipated by one and all, kids and grownups, gents and ladies, by every person. It really is a season of liveliness, joy, breezy winds, and delight. Summertime suggests swimming, coastline picnics, fishing, barbecue functions, etc. It implies beautiful plants, attractive summer outfits, etc. aside from these, there are a few famous sayings that tell us more info on this stunning season.A perfect summer time day is when the sun is shining, the piece of cake is blowing, the birds tend to be performing, as well as the grass mower is damaged. ― James DentAnd summer time's rent hath all too short a night out together. ― William ShakespeareSummer could be the time whenever one sheds one's tensions with your clothing, as well as the right kind of day is jeweled balm for battered nature. A number of those days and you will be drunk because of the belief that is appropriate because of the globe. ― Ada Louise HuxtableOh, bring once again my heart's content, Thou Spirit associated with the Summer-time! ― William AllinghamCelebrate summertime: sun-drenched times and starlit evenings. ― Gooseberry PatchThere shall be endless summer time into the grateful heart. ― Celia ThaxterI wonder exactly what it could be want to live in a global in which it absolutely was constantly June! ― L. M. MontgomeryWhat is certainly one to express about June, enough time of perfect youthful summertime, the fulfillment associated with the guarantee associated with previous months, sufficient reason for as yet no sign to tell one that its fresh young beauty is ever going to diminish. ― Gertrude JekyllThe summertime evening is similar to a brilliance of idea. ― Wallace StevensIn winter season I have up through the night, And gown by yellowish candle-light. In summer rather the other way, I have to retire for the night by day. ― Robert Louis StevensonI like summer time. I like warmer weather and long days. I am among those ridiculous people who however enjoy lying-in the sun! ― Danielle SteelWhat a beautiful, bright early morning. It makes you pleased to be alive, does it not? We cannot allow the sunshine outshine united states! We need to beam, too! ― Takayuki IkkakuO summer day next to the joyous sea! O summer time so wonderful and white, therefore high in gladness and so high in discomfort! Forever and permanently shalt thou be. To some, the gravestone of a-dead pleasure, to some, the landmark of a fresh domain. ― Henry Wadsworth LongfellowIf a June evening could talk, it can probably boast it created love. ― Bern WilliamsSummer love... midnight kisses... shooting stars... key wishes..!! ― AnonymousSummer's filled up with breaking the rules, standing apart, ignoring the head, and after your heart! ― AnonymousLove would be to one's heart just what the summertime will be the farmer's year, it brings to harvest all the loveliest blossoms regarding the heart! ― AnonymousAll we need may be the truth within hand. Anyone to call a friend
1:58-- Guest_6652: peralatan keren yang terlihat rumput sintetis di ace hardware aku malahan senang ngecengin suket sintetis yang di jual di sana. ini jelas karena girang ngintipin instagram bapak walikota bandung yang cogah thea, ayah ridwan kamil. terlihat gambar mesjid agung bandung sama alun-alunnya tambah beberapa rumput sintetis dekorasi yang lebar beserta terstruktur semacam itu rapih. akhirnya googling donk mengenai mesjid agung bandung, siapa kira ternyata ini pertama kalinya loh di indonesia alun-alun suatu mesjid mengenakan rumput sintetis.
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1:58-- Guest_6225: "Words are, during my not-so-humble viewpoint, our many limitless source of miracle. Effective at both inflicting injury, and remedying it."—from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Words are powerful. They could be enigmatic, genuine, stunning, or ruthless. But what makes them therefore compelling is the candidness. They strike the bull's eye, without attempting a lot. Why maybe not express your self with two easy words, that best describe you, through a stunning tattoo.Quotes and design tattoos are much sought-after, nevertheless magic of brief term estimates is unrivaled. They've some mysticism, with serious definition, and an enchanting allure. Every word have another tale and an altogether unfathomable perspective to it. Temet nosce (understand Thyself)Hakuna matata (No dilemmas)Hora fugit (The hour flees)Carpe diem (Seize a single day)Qui estis (Be who you really are) Be sure that you have inspected the spelling completely, especially when getting a tattoo in a different sort of language. The very last thing you would desire is a beautiful tattoo with a spelling error.whenever getting tattoos in Latin or just about any other language, not known to you, comprehend the different interpretations and meanings of this terms.Don't maintain a hurry to get any random terms tattooed, because they appear good or come in style. Go with text that actually implies a lot to you. Writing names can be high-risk, especially in case of romantic tattoos.Once you decide the language you want, speak to your musician towards different possibilities where you can design the tattoo. Choosing the right font is crucial.it's not necessary to stay glued to black shade for term tattoos, choose your preferred shade, or multiple colors; choice is yours!But do make certain that the text stay the center of interest within tattoo. Occasionally when you look at the quest to beautify it, you'll become adding too many elements.There's literally no limit from what it's possible to have. Therefore get crazy, invest some time, believe, or simply go natural, the decision is yours! Delighted tattooing!
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